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Friday August 15, 2014 @ The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ.
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The Milwaukees at The Court Tavern

We'll be joining some old friends for a full weekend of rock at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick.

The lineup:
9 PM - 4444
10 PM - the Milwaukees
11 PM - Duochrome
12 AM - Eastern Anchors
1 AM - Zero For Conduct

A little trivia about this show:

1. The first show that Jeff ever saw in a bar featured Duochrome and Bubblegum Thunder (featuring the bass player from Eastern Anchors.

2. Ex-Milwaukees drummer Brian Stoor previously played in a wonderful band called Aviso Hara with two of the members from Eastern Anchors.

3. We're excited to have Anthony Ilzcuk and Todd Starlin from Bionic Rhoda and Mark Segal from Boss Jim Gettys joining us for a song or two.

4. There will be another great show at the Court the following night featuring our friends Boss Jim Gettys, Bionic Rhoda, Prosolar Mechanics, and the Stuntcocks. We encourage you to go to both shows.

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